Helping small businesses get control of their finances.

Roving CFOs is a group of professionals with extensive experience
maintaining the financial health of small businesses.


Certified Quickbooks Users for all business types: retail, manufacturing, tech, real estate, financial services. Flawless books, that is our commitment to you. Be free to manage your business with the confidence that your financial house is in order

Quickbooks classes taught by certified professionals, make sure your staff is properly trained!

Forensic Accounting & Record Reconstruction: Self-audit your organization's records, correct historical financials, or create books from scratch looking back months or years. Whether you want to investigate theft, locate areas of waste, track your historical income and operating margins, or have just learnt that your books are a mess … We can help you.

Chief Financial Officers

Controllership Duties: Maintain and present accurate and timely historical financial information. Track your company's performance using a variety of metrics so you have a clear picture of operations, allowing you to adjust where necessary and prudent.

Treasury Duties: Maintain company funds, determine proper capital structure and implement accordingly. Assess risk and liquidity; ensure the organization is utilizing capital efficiently and with the proper levels of equity and debt.

Economic Strategy and Forecasting: Generate cash flow projections to ensure you are prepared for the future. Develop and execute strategies for investments in advertising, technology, and personnel. Institute and maintain planning and control procedures; analyze report variances.

Business Development
& Management

  • Act as liaison to outside financial institutions, clients, legal representation, and vendors
  • Negotiate contracts, ensure compliance
  • Source debt and equity to meet obligations and make investments; identify JV partners or work with a financial institution
  • Full and ongoing evaluations of profit and loss statements, guaranteeing that you are maintaining a proper operating margin and functioning efficiently.
  • Employee termination service; when possible to cut waste, or when necessary.
  • Business plan creation and implementation; launch a new venture with the confidence that you have evaluated the market thoroughly and are fully prepared to execute.
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